Girl’ology started as a broadcast on BYRON BAYFM Community Radio Station (FM 99.9 NSW).   You can listen to it each Tuesday on my program Double X between 4:00 and 5:00 pm [Australian Eastern Time].  The only catch is you have to be within 50 km of Byron Bay (the easternmost point in Australia) or online at the time [streaming from bayfm].  If you are in Melbourne, you can also hear a replay on SYN Youth Radio Digital Network.

That’s why I decided to podcast it, so you could listen in, comment and share your views.  I’ve been fortunate to receive a grant from the Community Broadcasting Foundation to help me get this project up and running, so I can reach more young women local, nationally and internationally.

It started as the young women on a pilot youth show (The HUB) decided to discuss issues that were important to them right now.  Thanks to my radio sisters Gracie and Tania.  Then it grew.  I decided to provide a place and a voice for other young women.  I decided to record and edit their voices and the voices of other people who were empowering young women, covering what was important to them and me.


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Isabeau Schubert (founder, girl’ology)

If you want to know more about how the process involved, I’ve included a video that was used to explain how girlology came to be.  Enjoy.

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