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Stress is OK

This Podcast is all about talking about something that is enough to stress most people out, it is STRESS itself!

STRESS, the word alone conjures up feelings, like the instant tightening of the

chest, rapid breathing, sweaty palms, the list goes on, But there is a silver lining!
we’ve been programmed to think that stress is everything that is bad, that it

makes you sick, but what if,  just what if I told you, that stress wasn’t the enemy …



No Frills Twins – Dying To Be Thin

I’ve uploaded the most incredible podcast – The No Frills Twins have been brave enough to record a song and video called Dying To Be Thin, about people struggling with eating disorders and body dysmorphia. They approached this serious topic so professionally, by not only starting the conversation, but by including their personal and motivational messages. From understanding the self deprecation and pressure placed upon us , from the dictated perceptions of beauty in our world today. Confirming that taking care of your health, is far more important than following the pre packaged delusions, that are being injected into our minds. Beauty can take many forms, it has been said that “Beauty is in the eye of  the beholder” thus hold yourself in high regard, because you are beautiful.

Reviewing Beyond Blue Check In App

This is a must have app. If you ever needed to talk to a friend who was showing signs of depression, this app helps you out. Its intuitive, succinct and user friendly. The Beyond Blue team worked to develop this amazing app for young people, one in four of whom have mental health issues, and most of whom don’t seek help. In the podcast, I talk with Luke Martin, a psychologist from Beyond Blue on the development team.  Visit Youth Beyond Blue for more information and download the app – you never know when you will need it.


This was a test podcast I made, sitting with my sister and just talking with her about beauty, young women and the pressures we face. It’s my earliest work, but hey, it deserves to be here, because people responded. It (unfortunately) never goes out of date.